Receipt Printers

Receipt Printers

Receipt printers are very important to have at your POS terminal as they keep a paper trail of your transaction and give your customer the assurity of the item they’ve ordered from you. We have all the various types of printers with various interfaces. Thermal, Dot Matrix, Label Printers, Receipt Printers, ID Printers from the best brands in the market. Have a look at our broad collection of printers.

Receipt Printers have a wide variety of use in businesses. Uses can vary from printing receipts, creating labels, ID cards, printing orders, special instructions for the kitchen and much more.

There are two major printing technologies for POS printing used in Australia which are Thermal & Dot Matrix. There are many other sub categories that come under these such as Thermal Direct and Thermal Transfer. Let’s understand a few pointers from the main categories.

Thermal Printers are quite popular in the market as they cost low and have a hardly any maintenance cost. The printer prints high quality images, it has very fast speeds and is known for its quiet printing. The downside to Thermal Printers is that the printed image is sensitive to high heats and hence not ideal to be used in a kitchen area or where there is high heat.

If you’re looking for a kitchen printing solution, you can consider a Dot Matrix printer as this is a printer which is resistant to heat and perfect for a kitchen environment. The paper rolls would not discolour at high heat exposure by food preparation or heat lamps.