Mounting Solutions

Mounting Solutions – Point of Sale Display/Screen Mount

Improve the ergonomics of your checkout counter by installing mounting solutions for your POS devices. QuickPOS offers different types of mounting solutions which not only save the counter space but also make your workspace look tidy and spacious. With various POS mounting solutions available it is difficult to choose the right ones. We offer a wide selection of mounts in all price ranges and quality that you demand.

Mounting solutions allow you to elevate the monitors above the counters for ease of access. There are different types of mounts including wall mount, pole mounts, tablet mounts, and ceiling mounts. All mounts have a specific purpose and are designed to give you the best output. Place your devices exactly where you want them and use them seamlessly.

We offer branded mounting solutions from brands such as Telehook, Atdec, Spacepole, Studio Proper, and Startech. All these brands are known to produce products that are made from high-quality components that perform better and last longer.

Our POS mounting solutions are used in various industries like retail stores, restaurants, and especially at checkout counters in malls and shopping centers. Some of the benefits you will get by installing mount solutions are adjustable monitor height, easy management of cables, spacious countertop, using available space in small space areas, prevent unwanted accidents, and avoiding green glare.

If you are looking to purchase the perfect POS mounting solution for your business then just browse through our website and purchase the product that suits your needs. Too many options? Give us a call and we’ll help you out. We also offer great discounts, price match and fast shipping. Get buying!