Sam4S Cash Registers

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Sam4S Cash Registers

Purchase high-quality cash register by SAM4S and take your business to a whole another level. SAM4S cash registers are designed with higher commercial standards using top quality components that ensure longer durability, smoother performance, and complete reliability. The SAM4S cash registers are perfect for small, medium, and large scale businesses with numerous functions to provide seamless workflow.

The SAM4S cash register price is reasonable and affordable. These cash registers are not affected by viruses, they boot up quickly, and are secure. SAM4S cash registers are the first choice of businesses to increase productivity at their workplace. They can be repaired so if your cash register runs into some problem you don’t need to buy a new one.

The cash register has features like multi-functional keyboard having dozens of keys. The keyboard has flat iten/department keys and raised function keys. A thermal printer with drop-n-load mechanism making it easier for you to access the printer. A heavy duty cash drawer consisting of several compartments for coins and paper bills. Primary LED display and backlit customer display. Manual lock that opens with keys.

We have some of the best SAM4S cash registers in stock. You can choose from two colors; black and white. If you are a small business then you can choose a cheaper version that can perfectly suffice your needs. Medium and Large businesses can purchase our higher version models at discounted rates.

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