Cash Registers

Branded Cash Registers at reasonable costs

We stock a great variety of Cash Registers of all brands such as Casio, SAM4S and Sharp. From basic functionality to a high range we have all the registers and also provide programming services from our partners. Cash registers or tills are a great investment for businesses that do not wish to go big but need a good performing machine for their point of sale.

A cash register has been a very important component in the sales industry. It’s a classic device that’s very reliable and can do its job perfectly. It has a very long life and there have been customers who are using the cash registers for decades. For those starting out or even to those who would want to invest in a considerable update to get the latest features, we have some really good options for you.

Accessories and more

The site also offers cash register accessories like spare keys, coin trays, note clips, drawer rolls, drawer inserts etc. along with Point of Sale in cash registers. Keep us in mind if you happen to lose or replace any of the accessories for your cash register.

We provide options with our partners to get your cash register programmed and running as per your specifications at an additional cost.

Delivery times

We have an effective delivery system that gets our products across Australia including Tasmania & Norfolk Island within a few days. You won’t regret your last-minute purchases, as we ensure your order is processed as soon as it is received. Our logistics team ensures that the product goes out to you from the nearest warehouse to your location.