Cash Drawers

Cash Drawers – Cash Management Solutions

A Cash Drawer is used to store and secure your money and other valuables. We stock a great collection of Cash Drawers. We have trusted brands such as VPOS, Posiflex, Nexa, Goodson, Star Micronics & HP.

Cash drawer is your secure vault to store the inflow of cash for your business. Its used to store your cash in an organized manner and tender change when needed. Considering its used to store a valuable it should be of top quality. There are some pretty cool features that you can use on cash drawers these days. With our help we ensure that we stock and supply the latest of the cash drawers in the market.

Connections to drawer can be achieved with a cable, you need to choose a 12V cash drawer if you wish to connect it to a POS terminal or a 24V if you need it connected to a Printer. All cash drawers also come with an option to open them manually, either through a push button or a key. Cash drawers also come in various sizes and types such as a flip top drawer for a more compact space.

All our cash drawers are sourced locally in Australia, therefore, making them easier to service and find spares if need arises. We also stock on accessories that are needed for cash drawers such as spares, money trays & inserts.