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Presentation Scanner

The revolutionary data automation industry has changed the way businesses used to work and have increased the pace and productivity at workplace. Point-of-sales system is one such data automation system adopted by almost every large and small business today. This system seamlessly captures data with the help of barcode scanners and feeds it into your computer with zero percent error rate.

Barcode scanners come in different size and shapes and each type of barcode scanner serves a different purpose. A wireless handheld barcode scanner is free from any cables and can be taken directly where the product is kept to scan the data. A presentation barcode scanner, however, is placed on top of the counter beside the computer screen. A presentation scanner is hands-free and produces an Omni-directional scan pattern i.e. it can scan barcodes at any angle. Usually, a presentation scanner is found at the checkout counter of a shopping mall or retail store.

How does a Presentation Scanner Work?

A presentation barcode scanner is a completely hands-free scanner and is fixed on the top of the counter therefore it is also known On-counter scanner. They are designed in a way to scan wide area barcodes and are targeted at stationary business. When a customer brings the product at the checkout counter the employee picks up a product and moves it in front of the presentation barcode scanner which quickly reads the barcode and captures the information.

The biggest advantage of a presentation scanner is it can read multiple barcodes in a quick succession. Mostly this scanner is used in grocery shops, medical stores, shopping malls, etc. A good quality barcode scanner increases the pace of workflow and keeps the line at checkout counter moving.

Benefits of a Presentation Scanner

Faster Performance: A presentation scanner is designed to scan several barcodes in quick succession so that customers don’t have to wait longer in the checkout line. The wide scan area and Omni-directional scanning system captures the barcode from any angle. The retail scanners have increased the work pace considerably and save huge time.

Zero Errors: When POS system did not exist all the work had to be done manually and was prone to clerical errors. But the invention of data automation system has reduced this error rate to almost zero percent. The customer walks out with satisfaction as there’s no billing mistake.

Easy to Use: A presentation barcode scanner is fixed on the counter so all your employee needs to do is flash the barcode in front of the scanner and it’s done. The scanner is connected to the computer so nowhere does your employee need to even touch the scanner. It is super easy to use.

Affordable: A presentation scanner is available at unbelievable prices on QuickPOS. This is the investment which will give you maximum return in your business. They are quite affordable and save you time and money.

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