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Handheld Scanner

A barcode scanner is a crucial part of POS system that scans the barcodes printed on the products. Businesses are readily accepting handheld barcode scanners to get work done faster than before. Every business needs to keep track of the inventory, resource utilization, and supply management services. Therefore, an asset control system needs to be in place to manage the data.

Often, even the best asset management systems don’t perform to their fullest capacity if a right data capture device isn’t paired with it. But a handheld scanner offers versatility making it a perfect device and due to its portability it can be used in places like warehouses, defense sector, telecom, retail, hospitals, etc.

Types of Handheld Barcode Scanners

The modern handheld scanners offer advanced features, greater functionality, and durability unlike earlier models. This upgraded feature allows them to be used in-house, on the fields, warehouses, and even in harsh environments. There are three types of handheld barcode scanners:

This is the most popular scanner in the market and use a red diode to read barcodes off the products. A laser scanner is can read only linear i.e. 1D barcodes. They are also the most cost-effective option. A standard laser scanner can read up to two feet away but an extended barcode scanner can read barcode up to 35 feet away.

Linear Imager:

Similar to laser scanner a linear scanner only reads 1D barcodes. The most important feature of a linear scanner is it is able to read barcodes which are printed poorly or are on the uneven surface. Honeywell scanners rank top on the list.

2D Scanners:

A 2D barcode scanner is able to read 1D, 2D, and stack barcodes. A 2D scanner does not require to be aligned horizontally to the barcode in order to read it. It can read the barcode from any direction and angle. These scanners are quicker than laser or linear scanners.

Benefits of a Handheld Barcode Scanner

While a barcode scanner increases the productivity and pace of your business workflow, a handheld scanner takes it a step further.

Higher Range:

A handheld scanner allows your mobile fleet to track inventory and manage business assets remotely. The range of a scanner can extend up to a whopping 160 feet. Additionally, these scanners provide internal memory storage so that you can store multiple barcodes. A major benefit of internal storage is you don’t have to rely on the transmitter and can extend your range by capturing more barcodes.

Unyielding Durability:

A handheld scanner is designed for capturing data while on the move and, therefore, it is built using strong long-lasting material. An employee might drop a scanner while scanning the barcode. A handheld scanner is tested for shock resistance on hard surfaces. The environment in a warehouse can change drastically and a handheld scanner is designed to sustain dust, dirt, extreme temperatures, etc.


Although it might not directly save you lots of money but it does so in some other ways. With a handheld scanner, a handful of employees can complete the work saving you hundreds of hours of man-hours. You also don’t have to pay for extra labor.

Automated data capturing is increasing and evolving constantly. It is helping businesses to get more efficient and accurate. A handheld barcode scanner just adds more productivity to your business and helps it grow. Purchase top quality handheld scanners today.