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Top Quality Cordless Scanners

Barcode scanners have become an integral part in every business. They have made a huge impact especially on the retail stores, grocery shops, and large businesses like shopping malls. A barcode scanner seamlessly capture product information and does it in a fraction of second. Thus, speeding up the checkout process as well as increasing the pace of workflow.

The constant innovation in technology brings better and improved hardware which is capable to outperform its predecessor. Today, cordless barcode scanners are preferred over the traditional wired scanners. A cordless barcode scanner works almost like a cordless phone. It is placed in a base which also works as the charging station for the scanner.

Types of Cordless Scanners

Cordless barcode scanners come with two types of technologies; WiFi and Bluetooth. A WiFi based cordless scanner would require an active WiFi connection. A Bluetooth based cordless scanner is connected to the computer’s Bluetooth network and is limited to 10-12 meters.

The Bluetooth barcode scanner saves you the trouble of adaptors and can be associated with keyboard, mouse, headsets, etc. You only need to pair this scanner with the computer and you are good to work.

How does a Cordless Barcode Scanner Work?

A barcode is a series of black and white, thick and thin set of lines printed on the side of the product. These lines hold information about the product and require a barcode scanner to decode it. A 1D barcode can contain up to 30+ characters including numeric or alpha numeric ones. A 2D barcode2D barcode contains both vertical and horizontal lines separated with varied distance.

A barcode scanner acts as a translator and decodes the information in computer language which is then displayed on the screen for us to read. The employee at the checkout counter just needs to hold the product in front of the scanner or, if in warehouse, the employee will point the barcode scanner at the product’s barcode and capture the data.

Benefits of Cordless Barcode Scanners

Today, the top brand cordless scanners are rapidly replacing traditional wired scanners and there are good reasons behind it.

Remote Functionality: This is the one feature that makes a cordless scanner so unique and useful. You can grab a handheld wireless scanner and roam around your inventory or warehouse to collect the information without any connectivity issues. A cordless barcode scanner works efficiently and can capture data even from poorly printed barcodes or those printed on uneven surfaces.

No more wires: The name suggests itself – cordless. Your workplace will be cables free and can remove all the tangled wire hassle you had to go through. You simply hold the cordless scanner and can wander about tilting, rotating the scanner in your hand without any fear of wires getting tangled.

Battery Powered: A cordless scanner is powered by a battery and lasts for a long time. You no more have to worry about plugging the scanner into the charging socket. If you are on a scanning tour you never have to worry about power cut, just replace the batteries.

Cordless barcode scanners save you a lot of time and money. Scanners with cables can’t be moved after a certain cable limit but cordless scanners give you freedom. This will also cut down your extra employees cost and the same work can be handled by few of them. Overall, a cordless scanner boosts the productivity of your business and keeps your workflow at a good pace. Purchase Honeywell barcode scanners for best quality.