Bluetooth Scanners

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Bluetooth Scanners

Bluetooth scanners can pair seamlessly with devices like computers and smartphones and capture the data quickly. These scanners are easy to use and don’t require cables for connection. Most businesses are shifting to the wireless system as it offers wider options to scale and allows to install additional features to your system.

Digital connectivity is changing the way our world works. Every aspect of technological innovation is aimed at getting work done quickly and effectively. In businesses, POS systems have revolutionized the way data is captured and one device in that system which actually does the data capture work is a barcode scanner.

There are various types of barcode scanners including wired scanners, cordless scanners, handheld scanners, Bluetooth scanners, etc. Bluetooth scanners are very popular among retail businesses and small-sized businesses as they provide comfortable and quick scans.

How does a Bluetooth Scanner Work?

A Bluetooth scanner does not have any cables but a base station which works as a charging socket for the scanner. This base is connected to the computer. Bluetooth scanner doesn’t require adaptors and can be paired with multiple devices. It gives you the range of a few meters from your connected device, for example, the main computer.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Scanner

Freedom to Move:

A handheld wireless scanner allows you to move freely without any restriction of cables. You no more have to worry about the wires getting tangled on your work desk and cause unwanted troubles.

Battery Powered:

Power cuts at a business place might bring the workflow to a complete halt. If your employee is collecting product data and suddenly power cut happens the workflow gets stuck. A Bluetooth scanner works on battery and you don’t have to worry about power cuts. This helps you to maintain a steady workflow in your business.

Faster Performance:

A Bluetooth scanner is widely popular for its faster performance rate. It can quickly scan the barcodes and send the data to your computer. This increases the pace in your business workflow and allows you to make maximum out of your business.

Bluetooth scanners are available in normal and rugged material to sustain extreme environments often created in warehouses. Also, there are various types of Bluetooth scanners available including 1D and 2D scanners. If you require greater mobility options too then you can get scanners that support iOS/Android support. These scanners increase the span of your work and you can capture data on any available device.

Companies like Honeywell and Datalogic are leading barcode scanners manufacturers and provide most reliable products. Small as well medium-sized businesses are relying on Bluetooth scanners to get the maximum output of their business.

If you want to purchase Bluetooth scanner and are confused before buying then get in touch with our experts who will guide you to get just the right scanner for your business. We have the best range of Bluetooth barcode scanners that are handpicked for your business.