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Top Branded 2D Scanners in Australia

Barcodes have become a very popular and common term in the business sectors. If you own a grocery store, a retail store, a healthcare supply chain, or even a large business you must have come across barcodes multiple times in a day. This single small invention has set a revolution in the industry and has increased the workflow productivity tremendously. Those days are gone when all the product information had to be entered manually into the system.

In simple words, barcodes machine-readable codes having a combination of numbers and parallel lines containing information about the products and are printed on them. With time, barcodes have evolved so that they can hold more information. In 1948, the first barcode system was linear and could hold only textual information.

But, years later technological evolution made it possible for barcodes to hold graphical information like product images too. To read barcodes a special device called barcode scanner is necessary. There are several types of barcode scanners including 1D scanners, handheld scanners, 2D imaging scanners, presentation scanners, etc.

How does a 2D scanner work?

A 2D scanner works in a slightly different way than a 1D scanner or a laser scanner. A 2D scanner does not need to be aligned perfectly horizontally to scan the barcode like the other two scanners do. These scanners are optimized to differentiate between high contrast black and white codes. They can read barcode from any angle and direction making it easy for the employee to work efficiently.

Businesses including supermarkets, grocery and retail stores, event ticketing, public transportation use a 2D imaging scanner.

Benefits of a 2D scanner

A barcode scanner is an efficient and proven way to increase the productivity of your business overall. It brings in several other advantages like:

Quick Image Capture:

A 2D image scanner does not use reflected light to capture the data and, therefore, it can capture the barcode image from any direction. This scanner can scan a barcode from various surfaces like print, screen in the form of QR code, etc. A 2D barcode scanner can perfectly capture the data from uneven surfaces or poorly printed barcodes.

Read all barcodes:

A 2D barcode scanner is capable of scanning several types of barcodes like 1D barcodes, stacked barcodes, and even postal barcodes. Thus, this type of scanner works as a multipurpose device in your business.

Cost Saver:

A barcode scanner scans, decodes, and updates the data in your system in a matter of seconds. This reduces the amount of man hours you would otherwise have to invest. Eventually, you not only save huge time but also the money that would be spent on the number of employees.

No matter if you own a small, medium, or even a large business a barcode scanner will definitely fast-pace the workflow. You not only will save money but also a huge amount of time and can invest it to further grow your business. Purchase top-quality business barcode scanners today.