Barcode Scanners

Barcode Scanners for your POS System

Barcode scanners are the most crucial part of a POS system responsible for reading product information and sending it to the monitor. Every business, large or small, owns a POS system today and uses a good quality barcode scanner to increase the pace of their workflow. Barcode scanners have made life easier for the businesses as it takes care of a lot of things which would otherwise consume a great amount of time and manpower.

How Barcode came into being.

The Barcode system was introduced in 1948 by Bernard Silver during his graduate studies. He initially used Morse code which gave rise to the linear barcode system. A few more experiments later the linear system was replaced by circular rings and was called ‘Bulls eye system’. The barcode that is accepted widely today was introduced by George Laurer in 1973 due to its simplicity and ability to hold more information. The Wrigley’s Juicy Gum was the first item on which a barcode was used and was first scanned in 1974. It was remarkable how a product that small contained a barcode which could read information.

How Many Types of Barcodes are there?

Today, two types of barcode systems exist – Linear and 2D. Linear barcodes hold a limited amount of information like the products name and its information. Whereas a 2D barcode can hold more information like images, web links, etc. and not just textual information like a 1D scanner. A barcode scanner scans the barcode printed on the product, decodes the information, and sends it to the monitor. 2D codes are more widely used nowadays from your Apple Wallet tickets to Groupons, we see an extensive used of QR codes (2D codes).

Types of Barcode Scanners

The biggest advantage of the barcode scanner is to save time by checking items out faster at a retail shop or checking people in at a concert. The uses and advantages are numerous and it really adds your business to pace up.

Here are some types of Barcode scanners that are majorly used.

Hand-held Barcode Scanners

This type of barcode scanner fits perfectly in your palm. A hand-held laser scanner is capable of scanning barcodes from a long range, poorly printed barcodes, and barcodes printed on an uneven surface. It produces a laser spot on the barcode which reads the data.

Cordless Barcode Scanners

As the name suggests, a cordless scanner is free of any of wires and is connected to a base just like a cordless phone. The base is connected to the computer using a cable and it works as the charging station for the scanner. You can move freely to scan the products and not worry about the wires tangling around.

Industrial Barcode Scanners

An industrial barcode scanner is made from rugged material to sustain extreme environmental conditions like high temperature, dust in the warehouse. They are a long-range scanner with a scanning range of up to 50 feet. These scanners are highly durable and faster.

Benefits of using Barcode Scanners

While a POS system brings huge productivity in your business, a barcode scanner doubles that productivity. Here are some benefits of a barcode scanner:

Performance: At the checkout counter if a customer comes with a basket full of products your employee can scan each of them in a matter of minutes. If you own a warehouse then a long-range barcode scanner can scan products kept as far as 25 to 70 feet away.

Capture more information: Businesses prefer using 2D imaging scanners today as the barcodes can now hold more information including graphical data. A product image and web link is also included in a 2D barcode and can be scanned smoothly using a 2D scanner.

Very Durable: A barcode scanner performs faster and longer. It is made with high quality material which can sustain extreme environment changes.

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