Thermal Label Printers

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Thermal Label Printers

Equip your business with top quality branded thermal label printer and increase the productivity at the workplace. QuickPOS offers a wide selection of best thermal label printers that print high-quality labels quickly and efficiently. Every business has a different requirement of label printing, therefore, we have stocked various types of thermal label printers for you. Browse and select the product the best suits your needs.

A thermal printer does not use traditional ink like other printers for printing. Instead, it uses heat to produce an image on the paper. Choose from two types of thermal printers: Direct Thermal Printer and Thermal Transfer Printer.

Direct thermal printer uses a special type of chemically treated paper. The thermal print head gets heated and as the paper passes through it transfers the heat on the paper thus printing on it. Print receipts and labels for heavy duty products using direct thermal printer.

Thermal transfer printers have a unique ribbon made of wax or resin which transfers the material on paper by melting on it. Use this printer to print on paper, plastic, etc. Thermal printers save you a lot of money as they don’t use ink and don’t require refilling. They print faster, are affordable, and worth every penny.

Our thermal label printers are used in various industries like airlines, banking, entertainment, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, warehouses, transportation, etc. Print labels, barcodes, shipping labels, markers using thermal label printers. We provide printers from brands like TSC, Zebra, Citizen, and Bixolon. Purchase your choice of products and get amazing discounts. We ship the products quickly and make sure they reach your doorstep within time.