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Cipher Lab

CipherLab is a world leader in AIDC solutions for a wide range of industries. CipherLab’s expertise is at the convergence of scanning, mobile computing, and business process design. This results more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and reduced cost of doing business in almost every sector. Our skilled network of reliable partners delivers successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses that chose CipherLab for value, performance and quality. CipherLab barcode scanners are used in Australia covering many types of barcode systems, and are used in applications such as stocktaking, warehousing, asset tracking and asset management, document tracking and document management. Our portable barcode scanners are used in libraries, schools in health and government solutions.

CipherLab products and system are used at varies industrial sectors such as; agricultural, health care, manufacturing, retail, aviation and distribution. Cipherlab operates in Europe, Middle East, Africa, America, Asia-Pacific and China, from various headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan and Plano, Texas. Today, Cipherlab is worldwide recognised as leading POS hardware manufacturer by maintaining an optimistic outlook and up keeping values which are centered around human needs. Every product of Cipherlab is built using comprehensive quantitative data and statistics to deliver high quality result.

At QuickPOS we sell many Cipherlab POS products such as; Barcode Scanners, Cordless Scanners, Bluetooth Scanners, Retail Express Barcode Scanners, Handheld Scanners, POS Accessories, Batteries & Chargers, Mobile Computers, Protective Covers, Accessories, Handheld Mobile Computers, Touch Monitors, Keyboards & Parts. When you buy from QuickPOS you’re assured of buying a genuine CipherLab product. Since 2008 in Australia, we have built repute of being one of the best network supplier of established brands. So, whether it is to add peripherals or software to a basic system or to run a complete POS system from the beginning, QuickPOS would assist you with the right solution. So, don’t wait any longer, go buy products which would help you meet your business goal now!!