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With the industry’s best products, services and support, CHERRY provides the most advanced POS keyboard solutions available. It’s global leader in design, development and manufacturing POS products and system in the industry. CHERRY’s newly expanded POS keyboards feature customizable color keycaps which allow for easy visual recognition of common functions. This not only reduces transaction time, it also helps train new employees. The result? Faster transactions and happier customers!

CHERRY is forever moving forward with new POS solutions, like the new EMV Level 1 certified POS keyboard added to our portfolio to help address a number of issues in the retail world today.

CHERRY brand is known for its innovative and zero defect quality assurance products. The Sixty year old brand has maintained its tradition of quality and reliability in products it manufactures by constantly evolving with time using latest state-of the art technologies. CHERRY focuses a lot on R&D in order to continually introduce new products into the market that solve customer data input problems with reliable devices. Today CHERRY products are used in many critical industries like Healthcare, Aviation, Security, Retail and Manufacturing where they require zero defects in all aspect of their process. Even small scale businesses are utilizing its services and line of products to exceed expectation and perform at higher level.

QuickPOS sells various line of Cherry POS products such as; POS Accessories, Keyboards & Parts, Mouse, MSR and POS Hardware. QuickPOS has excellent network of branded POS product suppliers, which makes it possible to deliver you the best in class products at affordable cost. Established in 2008, QuickPOS is leading POS products supplier of popular brands in Australia. With our large network of established supplier we have served many customers, but our services are not restricted to product delivery, as we also assist clients for their complete POS system needs right from the beginning. So don’t wait contact us now!!